About the company

In the beginning was the Word...

Someone said 'MICE-integrator' and there it all started... So now it's 'CongressORG'. But what is this affair like?

Here is the answer!

'CongressORG' - is a company of complete cycle giving excellent results in terms of organizing and holding events of any complexity.
You bring us your idea and we give you project on a turnkey basis.
We can also form the content of the event, bringing your project to life by scripting, selecting speakers and moderating and inviting participants.
As well we maintain ready projects, providing facilities, equipment, living and catering, transport and staff.
And even if you need only one particular service - you will get it.
At a high level and on time.
Business and corporate travel are also in our scope of work.

The services

So, what are our services? Here is the list


Organizing and holding events

  • Assigning the task, developing the concept

  • Developing, planning, funding and managing the project, delivering the scheme of the organizers' interaction

  • Searching and attracting the target audience

  • Attracting sponsors

  • Creating the press office. Interaction with Mass Media

  • Organizing the exposition.

  • Designing, printing and spreading the distributing materials. Designing the brand image

  • Creating and supporting the website. Receiving registration fees and other payments for services from the participants.

  • Selecting and proving facilities for the event: conference and banquet halls. Proving equipment

  • Providing transport: air and train tickets, bus and car transportation, including international

  • Accommodation for guests in any hotel in Russia, including groups and VIP-service .

  • Catering, including coffee breaks, lunches, banquets and receptions

  • Visa support. Invitations for foreign guests and receiving visas for international visits

  • Providing additional staff: volunteers and animators speaking the exact foreign language needed, even abroad.

  • Providing interpreters

  • Organizing excursions



Corporate format. Increasing the efficiency of your business

  • Analyzing the state of business of the company. Identifying the pros and cons of the business model. Trainings for the different groups of employees

  • Business trainings. Discussing directions of development of the company. Motivating to introduce new methods

  • Organizing the infrastructure of the event

  • Detailed account of the results and recommendations

  • After-training support, consulting

Open format. Business trainings for Your speaker

  • Promotion, landing page, banners. Working with your database. Call center

  • Registration of the participants. Financial documents management

  • Organizing the infrastructure of the event. Hall, catering, distributing materials. Accommodation and transportation. Interpretation

  • After-project support

Online format. Holding events for remote companies and participants

  • Arranging web conferences

  • Organizing broadcasting

  • Fresh presentation

  • Materials for remote studies


Attracting sponsors


for grants

Servicing business trips

  • Booking rooms in hotels all around the world, including for the groups of guests and VIP-service

  • Providing air and train tickets

  • Organizing transportation, including international. Car-sharing

  • Selecting and providing meeting and conference halls

  • Catering: coffee breaks, dinners, banquets, buffets

  • Providing interpreters


Supporting sports competitions

Inherently, sports competitions are the same events as conferences, but with their own specific nature. And there are some specific goals when organize a sports event:

  • Providing sports facilities

  • Providing training facilities

  • Providing sports equipment

  • Attracting judiciary

  • Inviting sports stars, including world-renowned

  • Attracting doctors in sports medicine and providing sports nutrition control

We will find a solution that will suit you!

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